Cuisine de France

Key features of the Cuisine de France facility

  • Cold Store, Spiral Freezers, Loading Bay, Chill Rooms, Production Hall
  • Unique cold store penthouse design
  • Multi-stage industrial refrigeration plant maintaining four evaporating temperature levels simultaneously
  • Environmentally-friendly ammonia refrigerant
  • Chemical-free condenser water treatment system
  • Industrial plant with 25 year design life
  • All electrical motors high efficiency
  • Condensing Pressure Optimiser
  • Heat recovery for underfloor heating
  • Heat pump using waste heat recovery to provide hot water to the factory
  • Remote-access SCADA system for data monitoring and reporting
  • Air tightness testing of Cold Store envelope delivered Best Practice rating


FTG provided the following services for this project:

  • Refrigeration Specialist Consultancy – drafting of Specification, and issuing to shortlisted tenderers
  • Insulated Envelope Specialist Consultancy – drafting of Specification and issuing to shortlisted tenderers
  • Pre-Qualification process to shortlist suitable contractors
  • Tender Process Management – co-ordinating with the QS to assess the tender submissions
  • Auditing of the completed installations against Specification
  • Contract values of over €5M for refrigeration and €5M for the insulated envelope